Fiscal Sponsorship

The PCA Fiscal Sponsorship Program allows artists or start-up arts organizations without 501c3 nonprofit status to pursue project funding through tax-deductible contributions for a project which is substantially related to the mission and purposes of PCA. To learn general information about fiscal sponsorships, please click here.

Who is eligible?

Artists or organizations submitting fiscal sponsorship project proposals must:

  • Be a current member of PCA;
  • Propose a project which is substantially related to the mission and purposes of PCA;
  • Have been in existence and actively programming in the Central Virginia arts community for a minimum of 1 year;
  • Have met all required filing and reporting requirements for any PCA fiscal sponsorship previously received;
  • Be presented in Central Virginia or involve artists or arts organizations located in Central Virginia;
  • Have a project that has been approved by the PCA Board of Directors.

Applicants for fiscal sponsorship are recommended to meet with PCA staff prior to submission of an application. To arrange a meeting, please email PCA Executive Director Sarah Lawson at

What services does the PCA Fiscal Sponsorship Program provide?

The PCA Fiscal Sponsorship Program is small and focused on providing individualized attention to sponsored projects and artists. Services include:

  • Accepting tax-deductible contributions
  • Sending tax acknowledgment letters
  • Project consultation, including fundraising guidance and grant proposal review
  • Providing promotional assistance for sponsored projects

How does Fiscal Sponsorship work?

Interested artists and organizations must apply for fiscal sponsorship. Click here for more details on the application process.

Once a project proposal is received, PCA staff and members of the Board of Directors will review the application and approve or deny the request. If approved, PCA then enters into a contractual agreement with the project leader.

As explained in the contract, project leaders must follow reporting requirements and procedures when soliciting funds, and for requesting fund disbursements and fulfilling grant obligations once funds are raised. Project leaders will be expected to stay in close coordination with PCA, especially during active fundraising periods.

Project leaders are still responsible for filing related tax returns, complying with federal regulations, and acquiring insurance and/or legal or fiscal assistance for their projects.