Artist Services

Piedmont Council for the Arts supports Charlottesville’s artists with a variety of services and opportunities for members! To find out more about member benefits and how to join, click here.

Fractured Atlas Membership

PCA members are eligible for a free Associate Membership with Fractured Atlas. Fractured Atlas is a national non-profit arts service organization that provides a wide range of support to the arts community, including insurance; discounts on everything from art supplies to Zipcar; software for tickets or contacts; Fractured U. educational resources for artists; and assistance with international artist visas.

Cultivating Success as a Creative

As a service to PCA members, Jessica Thayer offers a half-hour complimentary phone consultation to artists who wish to find new and positive ways to engage with the world, redefine success from the inside out, or get to the root of self-destructive choices or behavior. To set up a consultation, please contact her by filling out the Initial Consultation form at Architecture of Meaning.

As an educational consultant, Jessica Thayer has spent over 20 years accompanying creatives as they discover causes of self-sabotaging behavior, develop strategies to identify and support their individual challenges, and learn to thrive by trusting their unique perspectives and needs.

Seminars and Workshops

From seminars and workshops to screenings and roundtable discussions, PCA offers at least one program each month to expand learning opportunities for artists, educators, and arts-interested community members. Nearly all of these programs are FREE for PCAMembers. Find out more here.