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Board of Directors and Staff


2016 Board of Directors

Jon Peede

Bobbi Dunn
Vice President

Bryan D. Wright

Alex George

Erica Goldfarb

Rob Jiranek

Bree Luck

Nina Ozbey


2015-2016 2030 Board

The 2030 Board is a way to get young professionals, artists, and interested individuals involved in the Piedmont Council for the Arts in a meaningful way, at a time in life when energy and ideas are often more abundant than financial resources.  Besides needing this kind of young talent to help guide the present course of PCA, the 2030 Board is also a way to prepare the leaders of tomorrow through board activities and outcomes that positively introduce them to community service through a great arts service provider.  If PCA does its job well, these earliest members should be ready to lead our city and region by or before the year 2030, while also shaping the next iteration of PCA’s growth right now.

Elaine Butcher                      Julia Kudravetz

Zoe Cohen                            Maya Kumazawa

Anna Derewenda                 Katie Painter

Brandi Duncan                     Erinn Scheibel

Kristen Finn                          Rebecca Taylor

Annie Galvin                         William Taylor

Thomas Hendricks              Peter Traub



Thomas Headshot

Thomas Hendricks
Programs Manager