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Workplace Giving

What is workplace giving

Even people with the most modest resources can become philanthropists when local businesses encourage employees to make charitable donations. Workplace giving campaigns are wide and varied in type, but all share the common goal of connecting corporations to the community. Such campaigns generate nearly $5 billion each year for U.S. charities by making donating a convenient option for employees.

Why workplace giving matters

Workplace giving programs provide employees with an easy way to make a tax-deductible donation to an organization they care about and are a great way to make a difference in the community. Workplace giving campaigns often result in more engaged employees and a more positive company image. Partnering with a nonprofit such as PCA supports the arts in Charlottesville, making our city a more beautiful place to live and work. By choosing to partner with PCA for a workplace giving campaign, you help stimulate creative expression, promote cultural tourism, and advance the effective management and celebration of Central Virginia’s richly diverse cultural heritage.

Common workplace giving programs

Matching Gifts: the company will contribute to the same nonprofit that an employee gives to, usually at a 1:1 ratio
Fundraising Matches: after an employee donates time or effort to a nonprofit that results in raising funds, the company will make a monetary donation, usually at a 1:1 ratio
Individual and Team Volunteer Grants: after an employee contributes either a minimum monetary donation or a designated amount of time volunteering for a nonprofit, the company will reward that employee
Community Grants: the nonprofit pursues grants offered by corporations who want to positively impact the community
Automatic Payroll Deductions: the company deducts ongoing, predictable donations from an employee’s paycheck and donates them to a nonprofit
Annual Grant Stipends: the company gives employees an allocated amount of money each year to donate to the nonprofit of their choice
Internal Employee Fundraising: nonprofit employees are encouraged by their organization to give back and volunteer
Annual Giving: companies encourage employees to donate to nonprofits at a specific time of year

PCA can help you engage your employees and support your community with a tailor-made workplace giving program. Contact us for more information.