Arts Inspire celebrates diversity in the arts by showcasing individuals, programs, organizations, and events in our community. Help PCA recognize the talents of young and old, and many different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. From partner dance to hip hop, sound art to storytelling, PCA is counting on you to help showcase the many facets of our community’s cultural life.

Community members are encouraged to participate in the Arts Inspire program by sharing stories with PCA that showcase diversity in our arts community. Submitted stories will be featured on the PCA Blog and in upcoming issues of Arts Reach throughout the Arts Access Project, reaching over 1,000 community members. The goal of this program is to encourage community members to think of the arts and cultural community in a broad, diverse, and inclusive sense. Arts Inspire is designed to challenge perceptions of the arts as a luxury. Your stories will help demonstrate that creative expression is a fundamental part of our community and its many cultures.

What’s Inspiring?

– Human resilience, hope, or ingenuity expressed through an artist’s work
– Collaborative arts programs that have had transformative effects on an individual or a community
– Children and students who are excited about the arts and creative expression
– Artistic endeavors that showcase lesser known or culturally specific art forms
– Artists or arts students that have overcome challenging circumstances, financial or otherwise, to pursue their artistic work
– Educators or mentors who have brought the arts into their work with underserved populations
– Displays of artistic innovation that have had positive effects on our community’s cultural landscape
– Examples of the arts being used in unexpected or original ways for the improvement of a social issue or to build community

Fill out the form below and email with photos about exceptional people, programs, or projects that demonstrate diversity in the arts in our community.

Minds Wide Open

The thriving arts community in Central Virginia is a major contributing factor to our region’s outstanding quality of life. PCA’s services focus on promoting artists and arts organizations and providing up-to-date information on the numerous cultural opportunities available here.

As part of this, PCA is proud to participate in Virginians for the Arts’ biennial Minds Wide Open campaign to encourage statewide collaboration in the arts. In 2010, this project presented a celebration of the arts featuring performances, exhibitions, literary readings, and films on the theme of Women in the Arts. PCA hosted related special events and published a collection of photographs to recognize women in our local arts community.

In 2012, the Minds Wide Open campaign will have a new theme: “Children and the Arts.” In anticipation of this, PCA is placing special emphasis on gathering Arts Inspire stories for children who are contributing to their communities through the arts. In addition to being highlighted on the PCA Blog leading up to the 2012 initiative, these children will be considered for inclusion in PCA’s Minds Wide Open programming. Also, if you design a program, exhibition, or performance as part of this initiative, share your plans with PCA so we can help promote your work.