Arts Access

Download PCA’s Arts Access Project packet outlining strategies to expand and diversify arts audiences in our community!

The Altria-funded Arts Access Project seeks to develop diverse audiences for the arts in our community. In 2009, the pilot year of the project sought to increase interest and participation in the arts by offering cultural activities for citizens in low-income communities of Charlottesville. The follow-up phase of the project is a two-year initiative, running from Spring 2010 to 2012.

PCA has designed Arts Access strategies to increase collaboration between artists and arts organizations and groups serving low-income citizens. These strategies seek to reduce barriers to participation in the arts, develop new audiences for the arts in our community, and foster collaboration, community outreach, and diversified leadership in the cultural sector.

Arts Lead

Arts Lead →

Connecting artists and arts organizations with groups serving low-income citizens through an annual conference and partnerships.

Arts Grow

Arts Grow →

Increasing youth engagement in the arts and provide mentoring opportunities.

Rising Stars Celebration 2009

Arts Inspire →

Offering community-wide campaigns, exhibitions, and performances that showcase diverse talent.