He Who Gets Slapped at Live Arts

He Who Gets Slapped Send in the clowns. Live Arts is closing their season with a classic Russian melodrama about circus and regret: He Who Gets Slapped. The production is filled with musical jokesters, lovesick lion tamers, death-defying aerialists, and a handful of scam-artists, all falling under the spell of an anonymous gentleman who arrives one day and demands to be made into a clown.

Much of the action of the play takes us behind the scenes of the circus, as performers (among them trapeze artists, stilt walkers and many clowns) and patrons alike struggle to maintain a delicate balance between the strictures of society and the freedoms of circus life.

Tickets are $14-$24.50 and are available online.

He Who Gets Slapped will be performed on Friday, May 18th and Saturday, May 19th at 8:00pm. There are additional performances through Saturday, June 9th with a Pay-What-You-Can each Wednesday. After the performance on Sunday, May 27th at 2pm, there will be a Q&A about the play.

A sneak preview will be offered on Thursday, May 17th! For tickets to the free preview, stop by the C-Ville Weekly office on the Downtown Mall.

A note from the director: He Who Gets Slapped is a play about a circus, so you might be asking yourself, “Should I bring my children?” Here’s what I’d say to you: While He Who Gets Slapped has almost no profanity and no obvious on-stage physical violence, it’s a dark story with some very adult themes. I would recommend the show for ages 13 and up. For mature, intelligent young people, the play offers a great deal to think and talk about – as with Shakespeare’s tragedies, there is betrayal, jealousy, and untimely death. There are also great moments of comedy, beautiful language, and fascinating, compelling characters and ideas. This isn’t a light comedy, but it is a great play for mature audiences of many ages.

For more information, please visit www.livearts.org or call the Live Arts Box Office at (434) 977-4177 ×108.

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