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Since 2000, ArtInPlace has fostered creative placemaking in Central Virginia by facilitating a public artworks program, sponsored by the City of Charlottesville. Spearheaded by Mayor Satyendra Huja and Elizabeth Breeden, and managed by the independent nonprofit ArtInPlace Foundation, the centerpiece of ArtInPlace for its first fifteen years has been its roadside sculptures, strategically placed around the city to bring a bit of beauty into the daily lives of commuters and visitors. ArtInPlace also plays a role in C2D, a juried art show organized in collaboration with the McGuffey Art Center.

In 2015, Charlottesville City Council voted unanimously to contract with Piedmont Council for Arts to take over management of this signature program. PCA believes there is tremendous potential for expansion of ArtInPlace. While the roadside sculpture program will always remain its centerpiece, ArtInPlace can incorporate many other forms of temporary art, such as snow and sand sculpture, mural art, Shakespeare in the Park, and silo painting.

It’s all about art in the moment — not art that will be there forever. And that temporal quality opens up all kinds of possibilities.

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