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Conducted every five years by the national arts advocacy organization, Americans for the Arts, the study measures the annual economic impact of local arts sectors around the United States. Piedmont Council for the Arts led the data collection efforts for both the AEP5 study published in 2017 and the preceding AEPIV study published in 2012.

As administrator of the local chapter of the AEP5, Piedmont Council for the Arts collected data from 44 nonprofits arts organizations and 56 arts audiences in 2016. In the Greater Charlottesville Area, a total of 1,339 valid audience-intercept surveys were collected from attendees to nonprofit arts and cultural performances, events, and exhibitions during 2016. The local data from the AEP5 highlights an impressive economic impact from the area’s arts sector.

In 2016, the Greater Charlottesville Area’s nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and their audiences:
Generated $121.8 million in economic impact
Supported 2,100 full -time equivalent jobs
Generated $9.5 million in government revenue

Typical arts attendees:
Spent $36.11 per event, beyond the cost of admission
84% of nonlocal attendees indicated that the primary purpose of their visit to the Greater Charlottesville Area was “specifically to attend this arts/cultural event.”

Piedmont Council for the Arts also administered the local data collection effort for the preceding AEPIV study that was published in 2012. The AEPIV study showed an annual economic impact of $114 million and a total of 1,900 full-time equivalent jobs supported. The comparison to the findings in AEP5 (above) show a steady increase in the financial impact of the local arts economy.

Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 sends an important message to elected officials and local businesses: Supporting the arts is an investment in economic well-being and quality of life. Armed with quantifiable data, communities across the country have used Arts & Economic Prosperity studies to argue for pro-arts ballot initiatives, new funding, and increased investments in the arts and culture.

PCA’s participation in AEP5 is partially funded by: Ash Lawn Opera, The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, Light House Studio, Live Arts, The Paramount Theater, and UVa’s Vice Provost for the Arts.